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UTU Certification Ballot Count Delay
Source: TCRC
Published: August 20th 2008
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Brothers & Sisters,

As you know, the Board had indicated that the ballots would be counted during the week of August 18 Ė 22, 2008 but we are still waiting confirmation of the exact date.

The delay is being attributed to the UTU filing a list late Friday (August 15, 2008) of 52 employees who have been discharged and did not appear on the voterís list and apparently did not receive a ballot. The UTU requested that CN submit further information on these employees but not delay the counting of the ballots unless the number of employees would affect the final results. Nevertheless, the Board has advised that they want to make a decision on the UTUís request before counting the ballots and that decision should be issued this week. Based on that time line, the Board has indicated that they may count the ballots either Wednesday or Thursday of next week but the timing is only tentative at this point. They will confirm the exact date, possibly by Friday of this week.

These delays are extremely frustrating but we will advise you of the exact dates as soon as the Board makes their decision. Please circulate this information to our members as soon as possible.

Sincerely and In Solidarity,

D.J. Shewchuk
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference







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