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Published: December 10th 2015
Source: TCRC

Winnipeg Teamsters members win their fight to regain their work

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TCRC Winnipeg Division 76 membership are successful at Arbitration. The decision of the Arbitrator in this case demonstrates that the diligence and the hard work by the TCRC membership within Division 76, the Division 76 elected Officers, and the General Committee elected Officers was sufficient to defeat the unreasonable and unsupportable actions of the Labour Relations Management within CP Rail.

Despite the efforts of the employer to delay, to avoid arbitration, and to do everything possible to try and frustrate the Union membership at every turn. The members and elected officers would not give up and were eventually able get the facts before an arbitrator to have this case adjudicated to finality.

"The abrasive manner of Labour Relations embraced by CP Rail is an absolute failure", states TCRC President Douglas Finnson. “The facts speak for themselves, and the management of CP Rail should be ashamed of themselves for their autocratic and arrogant behaviour, and their disrespectful treatment of our Winnipeg Teamsters members who are hard working and honest CP Rail employees.”

In ruling against the actions of CP Rail, the independent Arbitrator noted, “The Company cannot ignore the rights and the commitments found in the Collective Agreements and just assign work in Canada, that has been previously exclusively performed by Canadian crews represented by the Union, to American crews working for their subsidiary Soo Line.” and further, “The Company has agreed that Locomotive Engineers (LE) and Conductors (CTY) operating Company trains on their Canadian lines will be covered by the Collective Agreements and enjoy the benefits negotiated by the Union, including seniority rights.”

The American based employees, those represented by the BLET and the former UTU Union, have also been fighting the actions of CP Rail, their forcing of the American workers across the International border and forcing them to work into Winnipeg in violation of their US based Collective Agreements.

TCRC President Finnson commends the American Union members and elected officers for their ongoing support and for their strong Union ties with their Canadian Sisters and Brothers.

Congratulations is in order to the Division 76 membership and elected officers, and also to the Western General Committee Officers who have been diligent in their pursuit of this matter despite the overwhelming numbers of contract violations by CP Rail, and the thousands of grievances being processed in their fight to protect their rights as Canadian workers and for their negotiated rights within the Collective Agreements.


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