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Published: May 24th 2012
Source: TCRC General Committees of Adjustment
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All TCRC Local Chairs
CPR Eastern and Western Regions:


Since May 15th, your Bargaining Committee has met with the Company in the presence of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS), initially in Calgary and now in Ottawa. We are going to meet again today and we will continue to bargain for a fair deal. However, it takes two parties to come to the table prepared to negotiate. The reality is that CP may not be motivated enough, yet.

The Company clearly wants the Government to intervene, and CP tried to create a crisis by refusing to operate Commuter trains in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Through our efforts coordinated with Teamsters Canada, Commuter rail has continued and the crisis averted. There is no reason for the Government to intervene.

The reports from the picket lines are encouraging; all reports indicate the rallies are a huge success. The Bargaining Committee is very proud of the solidarity and the strong support demonstrated by the membership right across the country.

We thank the members who have been directed to protect the commuter trains and the members who are manning the picket lines in these strategic locations. The public appreciates our efforts in this regard.

We are receiving numerous phone calls and emails telling us that the membership is fully supportive of the Bargaining Committee. With the added social media such as Twitter and Facebook your Bargaining Committee has been getting constant updates and we are proud of our Union. Be sure to check

Every division has demonstrated strength on the line with short notice, and we congratulate the Strike Captains for being so well organised. The Company is trying to spread misinformation,and we encourage the Strike Captains to call their respective contact person for any clarifications that may be required to ensure the members are getting the correct facts.

Teamsters Canada and the National Office continue to assist and support us fully in our efforts on your behalf.

Your Bargaining Committee appreciates and thanks those members manning the picket lines standing together in solidarity. We remain committed to negotiating an agreement that you will find acceptable.

Your Bargaining Committee is in regular contact with your Local Representatives and will inform them as soon as possible on changing developments.

In Solidarity,

Dave Able
General Chairman, LE West
  Dave Olson
General Chairman, CTY West
Benoit Brunet
General Chairman, LE East
  Bruce Hiller
General Chairman, CTY East
Shelly Brownlee
General Chairman, RTC


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