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CTY LTD Update
The purpose of this Information Bulletin is to bring everyone up to date on what has happened since the CTY LTD Ratification.
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Published: September 15th 2017 | Source: TCRC West  | PDF Version

As always, we thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this process

To all Local Chairs for distribution;

This letter is further to our letter and correspondence of September 6 regarding the Memorandum of Settlement.

Attached is a letter from the Company regarding the effective dates for implementation of the items listed in Appendix 4. As you will note, the Company has committed to implementing several MOS items prior to ratification. These items are clarification matters and / or the result of grievances. Further, the items do not require changes to the Collective Agreement and can be implemented prior to ratification.

We are presently establishing the timelines for the electronic voting as well as the schedule for meetings across the respective region. We will provide updates on the schedules as they are finalized and with any new developments.

As always, we thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this process.

In Solidarity,

Greg Edwards - LE West General Chairman

John Campbell - LE East General Chairman

Dave Fulton - CTY West General Chairman

Wayne Apsey - CTY East General Chairman

CC: Doug Finnson President TCRC

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