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ONTC Conductors Overwhelmingly Chose TCRC
Source: TCRC
Published: October 26th 2007
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Today the CIRB conducted the ballot counting in the Section 18 application advanced by Ontraio Northland, which applied to the running trades on that property.

The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference National Legislative Director, Mike Wheten, attended as scrutineer. The ballot count heavily favoured the TCRC over the UTU by a 57 to 6 margin.

Until recently the UTU had been fighting the Section 18 application to consolidate the running trades into one certified bargaining agent. In August the Canadian UTU members in Canada fought off an attempt to remove what Canadian autonomy they have, and the Canadian delegates elected Mr. Glenn King as the new Canadian Vice President and Legislative Director. Mr. King has been the General Chairman of the Ontario Northland UTU General Committee.

The Canadian Industrial Relations Board will have to formally make the certification official, and that is expected to be completed sometime next week.

This certification order accomplishes the long standing desire of the Conductors and Trainpersons at Ontario Northland to initiate change, as the ONTC Motor Coach Operators accomplished in September, by joining the TCRC and continuing the momentum that began several years ago when the Conductors, Trainpersons, and Yardpersons at CP voted to join the TCRC and distance themselves from the ongoing problems that have plagued the UTU.


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