Arson may be behind destruction of 104-year-old tower
Source: CBC
Published: April 6th 2008

Police continued an arson investigation Sunday into a fire that levelled a 104-year-old railway water tower in Glenboro, Man.

RCMP say they suspect someone deliberately set fire to the octagonal tower early Friday in the village about 160 kilometres west of Winnipeg.

Built in 1904 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, the tower was used to feed the steam engines that crossed the country until the 1950s.

A provincial heritage site, it was considered the best surviving example of such water towers in Manitoba.

Firefighters arrived at 4 a.m. CT Friday to discover the structure's siding burned and flames shooting out of its timber frame.

All they could do was spray water on the ground near the building to stop the fire from spreading.

The heat also warped the nearby track.

Police are also investigating several other fires in Glenboro on Friday.

There are no suspects, arrests or charges.