Train safety campaign launched

Source: Winnipeg Free Press
Published: August 24, 2007

City police and CN rail kicked off a new safety campaign today in wake of a rising number of collisions between cars and trains.

At the end of June, there had been 14 collisions at rail crossings in Manitoba, up from 10 in all of 2006. One crash resulted in a death and two with serious injuries.

Police said in most cases people are trying to beat an oncoming train by speeding across a rail crossing or just not paying attention.

Today's enforcement campaign saw city police officer Const. Rob York board a CN train to travel south to Letellier.

York said the ride will give him a bird's eye view of what train engineers see each day.

York said his job would be to report to police units any case of a motorist trying to beat a train and any trespassers.
"We hope we won’t have to tag anyone," he said. "Trying to beat a train is not a safe thing to do."

CN Police Const. Paul Leaden said there is no good excuse for ignoring railway lights at an activated crossing.

"If you trespass on railway property or ignore warning signs at crossings, you’re putting your life on the line," he said.

CN spokesman Kevin Franchuk said the campaign will continue in Manitoba schools so child learn about rail safety.