Train derails in Edmonton   
Source: Edmonton Journal
Published: August 8th 2008

EDMONTON - Seven cars of a CP Rail train derailed in Edmonton Friday morning.

The accident happened at 2 a.m. said CP Rail spokesman Mike LoVecchio.

No dangerous goods were present and there were no injuries.

Investigators are still trying to determine the cause.

Earlier in the night, a pickup truck hit the rails and became stuck while crossing the track. The driver told a local radio station: "The whole track shook. It was not attached."

LoVecchio confirmed police called CP Rail to warn them about the damage.

"We were aware of that (incident) and it will be part of our investigation," LoVecchio said.

The seven container cars were part of a 1,300 metre train with about 75 cars. Crews will likely be in the area cleaning up the derailment for most of the day.