Canadians expect to be their elected officialsí highest priority
Source: Robert Bouvier is the President of Teamsters Canada
Published: December 5th 2008

The events of the last two weeks in Ottawa have shown us how volatile the political situation is right now.

While politicians are forming coalitions, constitutionalists are arguing, and journalists are hanging around in front of the Governor Generalís residence, the Canadian population is impatiently waiting for someone to take charge of governing the country. This political instability, which is serious in itself, has a devastating impact on workers and the economy.

How is it that nothing, or little, is said about the fate of thousands of workers across the country, these people who are already bearing the brunt of the economic slowdown? Has anyone made a plan to cope with the financial crisis? And if so, what does it look like? Have Canadians been told about it?

We have lost our sense of priorities by broadcasting over and over again the meeting between the Governor General and the Prime Minister. While this was happening, 1,200 workers were losing their jobs in the forest industry!

The whole population has already been affected in one way or another by this financial earthquake. Job losses are expected in several industries over the coming months. The governmentóno matter which party or parties may constitute itómust absolutely put in place a plan that will mitigate the negative effects of this financial crisis.

Now is not the time for ideological squabbles and the politicking must come to an end. Canadians expect politicians to put their egos aside and run Parliament properly, no matter who is leading the country.