CN derails at the Symington yard
Source: CBC
Published: January 28th 2010

A train derailment on Winnipeg's eastern fringe on Monday evening briefly stopped traffic along the Trans-Canada Highway.

Police were called to block off the area to vehicular traffic at the intersection of Plessis Road and Fermor Avenue at about 6:30 p.m.

Two railcars derailed while switching tracks at the Symington rail yard, CN spokeswoman Kelli Svendsen said.

A truck being used by a CN employee was on the track at the time and was struck, Svendsen said. The employee behind the wheel was not injured.

As a precaution, police were called in to block the highway as emergency crews investigated, but officers opened the road and left the scene after about an hour.

CN crews continue to investigate, but Svendsen said the incident would be dealt with internally and without police involvement.