New Crew Change & AV Clerk Fax Numbers
Source: CPR
Published: March 26th 2008

Attention: All Winnipeg Running Trade Employees

Effective immediately, please send your Crew Change bids (Weekly Crew Change bids and General Ad bids in April) and Annual Vacation information to the toll-free fax numbers at the bottom of this bulletin. Other than the new fax number, all processes remain the same. This includes the requirement for you to retain a copy of your fax confirmation, as well as have your bid submitted before your respective bid deadlines.

If the fax machine that you send your bid card from does not print a fax confirmation, please contact the User Support Centre at (800) 387-1833 to report the hardware issue. As well, contact your Crew Change Clerk via the VRU to ensure the fax was received.

New bid cards, have been created and supplied. As well, speed-dials on CP fax machines will be changed. By using this new fax number, your faxed bid cards will now be sent, in electronic form, directly to your Crew Change Clerk’s email inbox. This eliminates the current process of using a communal fax machine to receive all bids from across Canada, and thus reducing the chance of having lost bid cards. The old fax number is still operational but will be phased out in the near future.

(Weekly Crew & General Advertisement (Change of Card) bid cards)

(Annual Vacation changes/bids)
Please verify, on your fax confirmation, that the number you send your bid card to matches the ones above.

Crew Change Dept.