Derailment at Symington Yard
Source: Winnipeg Free Press
Published: May 5th 2008

CN Rail workers are clearing debris from a derailment inside the Symington Yard in the southeast part of the city this morning.

At least seven rail cars ó including five cement hopper cars and one carrying lumber ó are involved in the accident.

According to an initial report at the scene, the cars were piled up one on another.

A backhoe was clearing debris off the track.

Symington Yard, situated on 650 acres of land inside the city limits, is the largest rail yard in Manitoba.

It has a capacity to handle 4,300 railcars at one time and on average has 1,900 railcars on site, according to CNís website.

Much of the yard is composed of side-by-side tracks, switches, humps, and control tower buildings. The yard has approximately 130 miles of track designed to take incoming trains and reorganize and rejoin the individual cars to create new departing trains.