No injuries in train fire
Source: Aaron Orlando - Revelstoke Times Review
Published: November 25th 2008

The Revelstoke Fire Department put out a fire in the engine compartment of a CP Rail train in under ten minutes on Nov. 14.

Revelstoke Fire Chief Rob Girard says they received a call for assistance from CP Rail as the westbound train was approaching Revelstoke at around 9 a.m. “We responded with two engines just as we would with any other fire and the only thing that we did a little bit different than perhaps other fires is we deployed a foam agent,” said Girard. He said the fire was relatively minor in nature.

The train came to a stop near MacKenzie Avenue where fire crews were waiting for its arrival.

The cause of the fire is still undetermined, but Girard said it looks like it was an electrical fire, possibly caused when a fan that cools the engine area overheated.

Girard says it wasn’t a hazardous materials call.

The Revelstoke Fire Department did the initial investigation on the fire. CP Rail will follow up with an investigation of their own.

There were no injuries to either the train crew or the fire department personnel.

Girard says the crew did a good job in extinguishing the potentially dangerous fire.

The Revelstoke Fire Department responded to a fire in the shed at a property in the 100 block of Colbeck Road at about 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 16.

When they arrived, the small outbuilding was fully involved. The department was able to quickly extinguish the blaze and prevent damage to other structures.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The Revelstoke Fire Department handled a suspected electrical fire on a CP Rail engine on Nov. 14. The engine was on fire before it arrived in Revelstoke where two fire engines were waiting near MacKenzie Ave. Photo contributed by the Revelstoke Fire Department.