CIRB certification to TCRC at ONTC
Source: TCRC
Published: November 2nd 2007

The Canadian Industrial Relations Board has issued an order certifying the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference as the bargaining agent for:

"all employees of Ontario Northland Transportation Commission working as locomotive engineers, firemen/helpers, hostlers, and all freight brakemen, passenger brakemen, train baggagemen, yard foremen and yardmen holding seniority as such on seniority lists of the several classifications named in the employ of the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission."

This concludes the process initiated by the employer through a Section 18 application, where last week the employees overwhelmingly chose the TCRC over the UTU.

This follows an earlier decision of the Motor Coach Operators at Ontario Northland who voted to join the TCRC and leave the UTU, effective September 2007.

TCRC Vice President D.H. Finnson has been assigned to oversee the transition into the TCRC for these new members.

TCRC President Shewchuk and the entire National Executive Board of the TCRC welcomes these newest members and notes that bargaining is scheduled to commence very soon at ONTC for the running trades.