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CTY transition at CNR
Source: TCRC
Published: September 11th 2008
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As you know, the CIRB has now certified the TCRC as the bargaining agent and we would like to welcome our sisters and brothers into the Rail Conference as this will be remembered as a pivotal date in history. We are much stronger now and represent almost all running trades in Canada forming one of the biggest, if not the biggest, Unions in the railway industry.

With the issuance of the Bargaining Certificate comes the transition process of integrating our new members into the TCRC and with that in mind, we hope to explain the process to better assist you with the responsibilities that will fall upon the Division during this initial time period.

To begin, please find attached a copy of a letter addressed to the General Chairmen, TCRC – CTY (Conductors, Trainmen and Yardmen – as has been termed after our certification at CP Rail) which explains the election process as well as what is expected in the very near future.

As indicated, the process will develop as follows:

Transition Director Election
The position of Transition Director will be done by nominations and subsequent election by the Local Chairmen – CTY and will be administered through the National Office.

TCRC CTY General Committees of Adjustment
The present executive’s of the General Committees of Adjustment will remain in place until the elections are initiated. These elections will be done by nominations and subsequent election by the Local Chairmen of the particular General Committee of Adjustment, administered by the National Office and will be done as soon as possible. Although the Divisions will not be directly involved in the aforementioned elections, the integration of our new members into our existing Divisions will result in the addition of one or more Local Committees of Adjustment which we need to address.

Division Structure, Recognition of Officers and Elections
The present General Chairmen - CTY will be responsible to communicate with all of their Local Chairmen within their General Committee and have been requested to provide a detailed list of those Local Committee officers who will remain in their positions or be willing to move up, should a vacancy exist. This would be on an interim basis until Division elections can be completed.

As pointed out in my correspondence of April 7, 2008, should the Local Chair and Vice Local Chair not wish to continue in their position, it may be necessary for the Division President to appoint someone as an interim Local Chairman until Division elections can be concluded. These appointments, if necessary, must be done through consultation with the members within the Local Committee of Adjustment and appropriate General Chairman.

In addition, we request that the Division President immediately contact the former UTU Legislative Representative at their terminal and ascertain whether they wish to remain as a Division Alternate Legislative Representative on an interim basis until Division elections have been concluded. We would ask that the Division President and Legislative Representative work together in handling this matter and advise our office of the results as soon as possible as this will speed up the process.

Additional positions at the Division level
As we are now certified by the Canadian Industrial Relations Board as the bargaining agent for the CTY, we have requested a complete phone and address list of all our new members from CN. Once received, we will distribute the information to each Division so that your records can be updated and Division elections can be held.

We will meet with the new General Chairmen to finalize the proper assignment of Local Committees of Adjustment to the appropriate Division and you will be notified as soon as that task is complete. We will also provide each Division with a list of the new positions to be elected which would be as follows:

bullet One Local Chairman and at least two Vice Local Chairmen for each Local Committee of Adjustment being added to the Division for each craft
bullet One Alternate Legislative Representative
bullet One Craft delegate to the TCRC Convention, and two alternates

We would ask that you also familiarize yourselves with the nomination and election requirements within the Division Rules of our Bylaws to facilitate a smooth and effective election process. As a reminder, Section 8, Division Rules, applies to the election of Local Chairmen and Vice Local Chairmen and is outlined below:

Division Rules - Section 8 :
h) In elections for Local Committee of Adjustment, only members holding seniority in a craft under the jurisdiction of the Local Committee of Adjustment shall be eligible for election to the Local Committee of Adjustment. Members in service (working) under the jurisdiction of such committee will be notified of such election and permitted to file or sign nominating petitions and vote.

This means that a member must hold seniority within the craft they are being nominated to represent, however, it is only those members working in that craft that may nominate or cast a ballot to elect the representative of that craft.

An example would be as follows:

When adding a “road” Local Committee to a Division, only those members working in road service are able to nominate and vote for their Road Local Chairman and the two Vice Local Chairmen.

When adding a “yard” Local Committee to a Division, only those members working in yard service are able to nominate and vote for their yard Local Chairman and the two Vice Local Chairmen.

To further clarify the process, members who are nominated can be working in any class of service but must hold seniority in the class of service to which they have been nominated.

A common question is whether a member working as a locomotive engineer is able to be nominated to be the conductors (road) Local Chairman. The answer is “yes”. The only conditions would be that they hold seniority as a conductor but under our Bylaws they would not be eligible to vote as they are not working in the craft.

This process would also apply to the election of the new position of Alternate Legislative Representative.

In addition, all new members within the TCRC CTY, are eligible to vote for the new positions of delegate to the Rail Conference and two alternates.

For clarification purposes, working in the craft is defined as working and/or paying dues to that particular Local Committee of Adjustment during that particular month.

The newly elected officers, representing their respective crafts, will continue in their position until our next regularly scheduled Divisions elections slated for the fall of 2009.

Local Committee of Adjustment Finances
When the regular Union dues payroll deduction process begins, the LCA dues for the new members will be sent to the Division Secretary Treasurer. The Division Secretary Treasurer will create a ledger system within the existing Division Account, whereas each Local Committee of Adjustment would have their own expenses recorded and their own balance maintained within the one account. Expenses common to the entire Division are to be paid by each LCA fund on a pro rata basis. An Excel spreadsheet will be made available to assist the Division in handling their funds.

We have attached, for your information, a draft Division Ballot which can be used for the Division elections as well as other related correspondence for your information and assistance. We would ask that you forward any further questions through your General Chairman’s office so that we can maintain an organized and effective manner in which to respond and distribute the Q/A’s.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this transition process.

Sincerely and In Solidarity,

D.J. Shewchuk


TCRC Division 76 Winnipeg - 2014