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Source: March 4th 2010
Published: By Janet Crandall-Swaffield - Golden Star
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At 3:14 p.m. MST, a derailment involving two trains occurred at Anderson Crossing, just west of Golden, B.C. The incident involved an east bound train, carrying empty grain cars, and a west bound potash train.

Golden Fire Department, Golden RCMP and Ambulance services responded immediately to contain the situation. Incredibly, only minor injuries were sustained by crew members, and CP has confirmed that there are no public safety issues. 

It is estimated at this point that three locomotives have derailed, and approximately 33 cars, 10 of which are leaking potash.

One potash car made contact with a propane tank, used to power a switch heater, which caught fire resulting trees burning in a small area, as well as a derelict outbuilding. The fire department had the flame contained very quickly, which is now extinguished. 

Of the three locomotives involved, one has leaked a small amount of diesel. CP has ensured that any fuel spilt has been contained and a vacuum truck is onsite tending to any of the spilt fuel.

Local crews are on the scene, with special equipment on its way to commence clean up of the incident and to restore railway operations.

CP Media Relations Manager Kevin Hrysak spoke in praise of local emergency crews. "We commend the first responders in the Golden area. They were on the scene very quickly and were able to assess any personal injuries and any threat to public safety."

The cause of the incident is still unknown. The investigation continues.

Update: March 4, 2010 - Clean up has commenced on the scene with professional crews having arrived in the middle of the night. Rail traffic is currently being re-routed, with single line service expected to be restored later this evening. The cause of the incident is still unknown.



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