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Source: Mike Wheten - TCRC National Legislative Director 
Published: February 11th 2010
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Brothers and Sisters;

Attached please find a letter from Luc Bourdon, Director General, Rail Safety to J.C. (Cliff) MacKay, President & CEO The Railway Association of Canada, dated February 4, 2010 approving the new Railway Locomotive Inspection and Safety Rules which will make the use of dynamic brakes mandatory in certain territories within Canada. The new rules are also attached. Changes have been made to subsections 3.15, and 3.16 on page 5. There has also been changes to subsection 21.1 and new subsections 21.2, 21.3, 21.4 and 21.5 have been added on page 19.

You may also note on page two of Mr. Bourdon’s letter in the fifth paragraph it states,

“21.2 A railway company shall file with the Department all territories on which locomotives with dynamic brake are required, as well as related instructions. This information shall be filed with the Department no later than ninety days from the approval of these rules

Therefore, it will be at least 90 days from February 4, 2010 before this rule is implemented by the railways. The railways will issue bulletins and/or instructions for the implementation of this rule.

When fully implemented these rules changes will improve rail safety in Canada. Having said that we are disappointed that rules defining the changing out of bad ordered locomotives within mandatory dynamic territories were not more stringent. This issue was debated at length by all stakeholders. If defective dynamic brakes enroute becomes a problem we are prepared to address the issue again with Transport Canada.

This email is also being sent to the TCRC Division Presidents, Secretary Treasurers, Local Chairmen, and Legislative Representatives.

Yours in Solidarity,

Mike Wheten
National Legislative Director
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

bullet Letter from Luc Bourdon, Director General, Rail Safety to J.C. (Cliff) MacKay
bullet Revised Railway Locomotive Inspection and Safety Rules







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