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“Suck It Up Buttercup" Fred Green to CAW 101 members
Source: CAW Local 101
Published: February 13th 2009
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Dear sisters and Brothers

CEO Fred Green and A.V.P Guido Decceco addressed our members in Toronto this week answering questions from members on the health of the company, Pension stability, layoffs, shop closures and a gambit of items that were brought up.

It was made clear at the meeting, the car shop closure is because of the cutting back on fixed cost. This was identified in the previous bulletin I sent regarding CFO Catherine Maquades’ cost cutting project.

Mr. Greens comment to the members regarding the shop closure in Toronto was for “us to work with him or he will just close the place.”

We find this a ludicrous comment. The CAW has always been at the forefront at working with companies at finding solutions, we are not however, what it appears the company would like, lambs following to the slaughter. It is unfortunate the company has made their mind up prior to discussing with us.

CAW Local 101 was only notified on Friday regarding the company’s intent of Toronto Car Shop. Today, Thursday, less than 1 week later, the company has stepped up their mothballing of the Toronto Car Shop and have had all the cars removed from in the shop. All staff has been relocated.

It is clear what has happened in Toronto Car Shop. The company has not replaced staff for years so there is no one to work in the shop, then they close the shop because no cars are getting repaired, then they need cars repaired so they make the workers repair the cars outside. Obviously the CFO has not repaired a car at –20 or –30.

We have seen this again and again over the years. C.P treats its equipment better that they treat its workers. We are convinced forklifts and other equipment will be kept warm in the shop while workers will not be allowed in. This has been experienced at other locations.

We ask all members that the Rules governing "train inspection and car and locomotive repair" be conducted to the rule. Any Company Officer violating any rule or requesting you violate a rule must be reported to Transport Canada or at the very least to your Union representative, our members and rail safety cannot be used as the scapegoat for company profits or public or personal safety.

We will continue to fight all closures.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any Officer of the Local.

In Conclusion,

C.P. Rail has hit an all time low this week when CEO Fred Green stated in his address to our members in Toronto to “Suck It Up Buttercup"

I Remain Yours
In Solidarity,

Tom Murphy
CAW Local 101



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