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PIP payout July - December 2008
Source: TCRC 76
Published: February 16th 2009
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According to the Company they are on target to payout the PIP on February 27th, 2009 as a separate deposit. The percentage for Manitoba is calculated out as follows:
bullet Corporate Earnings 0% did not meet target
bullet Personal Safety = depends on each individual, possible 1%
bullet Personal Attendance = depends on individual, possible 1%
bullet Supply departure variance = Manitoba did not meet target, 0%
bullet Consist Accuracy = .5%
bullet Fuel = 1%

As an example, if you met the attendance level of 97.37 percent add 1%, if you were not involved with any FRA or Non FRA incidents then add another 1%. So the highest payout for our area would equal 3.5% of earnings from July to December 2008.

Thank You

H. Makoski
L/C (E) Division 76
VGC Engineers West




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