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Today is NOT the day you die at work!
Source: TCRC
Published: April 22nd 2009
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On April 28, 2009, we mark the 25th anniversary of the National Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job. As we know, the National Day of Mourning is an initiative started in 1984 by the Canadian Labour Congress and now celebrated around the world from Azerbaijan to Zambia.

As a reminder to us all, the Canada Labour Congress has released a very powerful and thought provoking statement, “Is today the day you die at work!”

bullet On April 23, 1999, Brothers D. Blain and K. Lihou were tragically killed when their train derailed at Thamesville, ON, on the Chatham Subdivision.
bullet On May 14, 2003, Brothers A. Mackay and K. Lequesne were tragically killed when the bridge they were crossing collapsed under the weight of the locomotives near McBride, B.C.
bullet On April 23, 2007, Brother L. Plasko was tragically killed when his train derailed near
Trail, B.C.

These are only three very tragic examples of the many accidents that have occurred in our industry and are reminders of the many dangers that present themselves to our members each and every day.

A loss of life is tragic and every year too many people are killed or injured on the job affecting loved ones and fellow workers.

In 2007, according to the latest report from the Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC), 1,055 people lost their lives at work. Please be vigilant with safety, not only for yourself but others around you. Your life may depend on it!

This is a time to think about our many Sisters and Brothers who were injured or killed in the line of duty and let’s make sure that today is NOT the day you die at work!

Sincerely and in Solidarity,

D.J. Shewchuk
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

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